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OMRI-listed Organic Compost

What is it: Compost can be referred to as black gold, nutrient-high soil amendment, organic matter, humus, or organic fertilizer. What you want to call it probably depends on how you want to use it. 

How to use: This product has as many uses as it does benefits. Compost can appear differently depending on what you’re growing (i.e., trees, edibles, flowers) and your end goal (i.e., save money, enhance soil structure). Compost could be a topdressing on established grass, a part of a custom soil mix for an annual vegetable garden, or the base for laying sod.

Benefits: Compost has many benefits, including: conserve water usage, enhance plant growth, improve soil quality and structure, reduce chemical fertilizers and pesticide use, and enrich soil with principal nutrients.

5 to 10 yards: $45/yard
11 yards or more: $40/yard
More than 100 yards: Please call for a quote

10 lb Bag: $20 (pick up only)**

Minimum purchase: 5 yards

Note: To calculate soil amount, you must know the length, width, and depth of your area. For an easy calculation, visit: Soil Calculator.
The recommendation usually varies between 6 to 12 inches deep. Please contact our office to calculate accurate yardage.

* When ordering bagged material, please note that the soil is freshly bagged. Please call ahead of time to schedule pickup for bagged material.

Make Your Impact Count

What Can Compost Do for You?

CONSERVE water usage

ENHANCE plant growth

IMPROVE soil quality and structure

REDUCE usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides

ENRICH soil with principal nutrients