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Organic Soil Farm

Florida Organic Solutions is Florida’s premier organic compost and topsoil farm located in Tampa Bay, FL. It’s a 52-acre facility that produces topsoil blends and class AA OMRI-listed compost through a controlled composting process in accordance with state of Florida waste management guidelines, as well as procedures recognized by the US Composting Council. Our compost has been approved to be used on certified organic farms.

Our Mission

Florida Organic Solutions is your local destination to recycle green waste as well as your best source for high quality organic soils and compost.  In 2019, we saved 38,942.96 tons of trees, yard trimmings, grass, and leaves from entering the landfill. These materials are transformed into beneficial organic compost and topsoil blends.

Building soils is a valuable effort to help enhance Florida’s sandy soils. Topsoil is disappearing due to overuse of farm land, deforestation, desertification, and soil erosion. Florida Organic Solutions’ mission is to create a product that is locally made to help cultivate sustainable soil ecosystems. 

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Soil  the Foundation of Life 

Healthy soil is the answer to multiple growing questions. Without a healthy soil ecosystem, one can spend more time, money, and energy than is necessary to support a growing environment. The best way to ensure success is to know what the growing environment needs and then provide the necessary nutrients for the ecosystem to sustain itself.