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Waste Removal Services in Tampa Bay, FL

Florida Organic Solutions is your destination for green waste disposal. We strive to reduce, reuse, recover, and recycle all organic materials. These materials are then transformed into organic soils and compost. 

Green Waste Removal

What is it: We accept clean yard waste, hardwood, grass clippings, palms, stumps, and wood chips. 

Benefits: We provide a conveniently located green-waste dump with unloading assistance; quick disposals; and accurate weights with our certified scale. 


Minimum: $20
Brush: $30/ton
Wood Chips: $30/ton
Mixed chips: $35/ton
Palm chips: $35/ton
Hardwood/logs: $30/ton
Hardwood and brush mixed load: $35/ton
Dirty Mulch: $35/ton
Hardwood and palm mixed load: $45/ton
Palm and Palmetto Trunks: $60/ton
Stumps beginning at $150 each
Sod/excessive dirt: $47/ton