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Green Waste Recovery

Florida Organic Solutions in Tampa Bay receives clean green waste from landscapers and homeowners. Materials we receive include tree and brush trimmings, grass, leaves, hardwood, logs, wood chips, and stumps.

Our green waste recovery process begins with the separation of the organic materials and grinding the yard waste and hardwood. We then put the ground green waste into windrows to begin the composting process. We monitor the temperature and moisture levels to regulate the decomposition activity. This is done uniquely for compost and topsoil. The product is then screened to ensure a high-quality soil or compost.

Our Customers

We serve hobby gardeners, master gardeners, landscaping professionals, farmers, citrus growers, etc. who are looking to grow high-quality organic plants and crops.

Florida has very sandy soils that are deficient in the materials necessary to sustain plant growth without the constant addition of chemical fertilizers combined with excessive watering. Amending the soil with organic compost decreases the need for fertilizers and reduces the need for watering by building the nutrients plants need and increasing the soil's ability to retain moisture. This creates a sustainable soil structure and a high-nutrient ecosystem for plants. 

Our Farm

We’ve taken great care to develop environmentally responsible facility.  Our farm offers a tour of the facility upon request to learn the composting process and benefits of using compost and share ideas of organic gardening and farming.

Our green-waste recovery program transforms yard waste into: 

TOPSOIL is the layer of soil between the surface and subsoil. Topsoil can be made from decomposed organic material.

COMPOST is a result of aerobic (with air) decomposition of organic matter. It is a soil amendment. Compost returns organic matter to the soil and has high level of Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium.

Meet the Team

Jieun Wax
President and CFO   

Guy Taylor
General Manager

Guy has worked with organic materials for 16 years, specifically compost for 7 years. He has a wide knowledge of the entire green-waste process.

 Chris Sullivan

Assistant Manager

Transportation Coordinator

Chris has a degree in turf management and spent 14 years in the golf course industry in Florida, followed by 20 years in the soil business in central Florida.

Stephanie Koeser
Marketing and Sales Director

Soil Specialist

Stephanie has a degree in English and creative writing. She is certified in permaculture landscape design and has been growing organically for the past 15 years. She specializes in regenerative and sustainable growing practices.

Every Act We Take Makes an Impact On Our Planet

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hand planting a seed
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